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[ Game removed from the JAM ]

after seeing how ignorant people could be such as the host himself just due to a platform phobia against Linux, we decided to remove the game from the 1+1 = 3 jam and just keep it public, we will be updating it and fixing bugs. Thanks to the players though!

ⴰⵣⵓⵍ / Azul , Hej!

Ivrik | ⵉⵠⵔⵉⴽ, in Thmazight means Darkness.

A game made by

- David Olofson from Sweden, Varberg

- ⴰⵠⴻⵔⴽⴰⵏ | averKane  from Thamzgha [North Africa], Kabylia, Tuvirets

// The game is ready and made for the JAM !!!

NOTICE! the 64bits version is not working properly, but you can use the 32bits version.

after a week of hard work.

that's right, written from scratch in a week in pure C, OpenGL, with my amdukal DOLOFSON under Linux.

They might had the advantage of having game engines and whatever alien technology and stuff that is called today ready and set, but we finished in time indeed, a friend in need is a friend with breed.

We had to write a game engine and a physics engine in order to have control about the process the way we want, we might have worked hard and stayed up for late nights on this JAM even though we were like thousand KMs away, but we are still not satisfied much because we ran out of time, we just wanted to do something unique and we didn't have time to think.

But, if we ever get the right audience, we might go into more serious projects, projects by the people, to the people

that's what I said, ENJOY your life

How to play?

easy, just extract the archive then execute run32.sh or run64.sh depending on your architecture.

tar zxvf ivrik.tar.gz
cd ivrik/bin
./run32.sh or ./run64.sh

You might need pulseaudio if sound isn't working

sudo aptitude install pulseaudio


sudo apt-get install pulseaudio


- If you're wondering what does Thmazight or imaZighen means, you can visit my profile. enjoy.

- if you have any problems with the game or running the game post in here, thanks.


The background song is from the long gone artist and fighter, a real Amazigh-Kabyle that defended his people, murdered by the arabs and the outlander algerian arab gov. after being attacked with propaganda and offences, and at the end cruelly shot on his car with an automatic weapon on his way home.

name of the song : Matoub Lounes - Hymne a Boudiaf


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